Zhongshan Talent Festival-China Zhongshan Offshore Engineering Industry Forum

The second “Zhongshan Talent Festival-China Zhongshan Offshore Engineering Industry Forum”, Zhongshan, Hong Kong and Macau experts and scholars exchange symposium and “Haizhi Project” signing of cooperation agreement ceremony was held in Zhongshan on March 28, this time The event was jointly organized by the Zhongshan Municipal People’s Government, Wuhan University of Technology, and the Zhongshan Talent Work Leading Group. Dr Aaron TONG and Engineer Chen Shaoqiong, Chairman of the Hong Kong Association for Advancement of Science and Technology, were invited to attend the event.

Zhongshan City has signed the “Overseas Intelligence Service Action Plan for the Country” (referred to as the “Haizhi Plan”) cooperation agreements with the Hong Kong Association for Advancement of Science and Technology and the Macau Institute of Engineers. The plan is to promote exchanges and cooperation with overseas non-governmental scientific and technological organizations, starting with the introduction of overseas intelligence, and carrying out work through special seminars, short-term part-time jobs, project cooperation, inspections and exchanges, technical training and consulting, and intermediary services.

At the forum, the opportunities and challenges of the creation-driven development of the offshore engineering industry were mentioned, the technological trends of China’s offshore engineering industry were discussed in-depth, and plans for the construction of Zhongshan’s offshore engineering industry and talents were discussed.

In the afternoon, experts and scholars from the three places visited a major strategic platform in Cuiheng New District, Zhongshan City, and two well-known enterprises, “Mingyang Wind Power” and “Guangxin Maritime Heavy Industry”.

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