XIAN XD Appreciated TQM

Ir. Dr. Aaron WK Tong audited state-owned enterprise: China XD Electric Co. Ltd (Xian XD) in July,2012 and provided constructive suggestions to XD. XD greatly appreciated Dr. Tong’s efforts and invited Dr. Tong again in December 2012 for auditing their subsidiary, Xian XD Switchgear Electric Co. Ltd and Xian XD Transformer Co. Ltd.

XD is a leading electrical power plant equipment manufacturer. XD has been involved in almost all major projects of electrical transmission. It established the first group of EHV and UHV DC Transmission equipment in China. XD is an innovative, advanced company and become a technological leader in the world.

It is no doubt that XD makes new distributions to the development of China’s electrical power plant equipment industry. With the new innovation and high quality standard, XD’s position will be further strengthening as a leading company in the world.

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