What can we learn from the tragedy?

On National Day, the Lamma Island Ferry Collision caused over a hundred injuries and deaths. The whole city was deeply grieved by the accident. While we are mourning for the victims, we should learn from the tragedy and be more prepared in preventing and responding to accidents.

Occupational Health and Safety management systems (OHSAS 18001:2007) provide an effective safety management system for accidents prevention and response. The systems do not only include safety procedures and risk analysis but more importantly, a crisis drill, which is a very effective measure.

In a crisis drill, participants can gain more experience in facing accidents and emergencies. Also, it can allow the organizers to identify potential crises. Recently, we are helping the Drainage Services Department to build an Occupational Health and Safety management system. From the crisis drill, it was found that ladies with high-heeled shoes are more likely to encounter accidents on the staircases. Further, the escape route instruction should be placed into consideration of the actual emergency condition. An effective safety management system would be helpful to manage all these problems.

The safety management system is a complicated culture. Apart from education, practice and recognition from the public are required in order to fully leverage its function.

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