Typhoon “Mangosteen” | Hong Kong’s World-Class Infrastructure | Citizens Stay at Home and Watch TV

The super typhoon “Mangkhut” struck Hong Kong strongly, and the Hong Kong Observatory once hoisted the No. 10 typhoon signal for 10 hours on Sunday (16th). Some citizens said that under a typhoon, Hong Kong can still maintain the stability of communication, power supply, and water supply, and everyone can still use the telephone, TV, and cooking. In terms of transportation, the MTR can continue to provide limited services. They praise Hong Kong. It is a “world-class” city and is very proud of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong’s public organizations have always established and implemented a rigorous management system to upgrade and maintain the entire Hong Kong infrastructure. The typhoon did not cause serious water cuts, power cuts, and flooding. It all depends on the Hong Kong Water Supplies Department, Drainage Services Department and the power company: CLP Power’s stable services and the contingency of various departments. Let’s take a look at how Hong Kong can survive the super typhoon “Mangkhut”.

Sponge City | Take Precautions

The typhoon rains invaded southern China. Many cities in Guangdong, including Macau, experienced large-scale flooding in the urban area. The city’s drainage facilities were insufficient, and the flood control capacity was obviously unable to cope with severe weather conditions. However, because Hong Kong has a good drainage system and flood control facilities, most areas, especially urban areas, do not have these problems. Even China Central Television praised Hong Kong as a “sponge city” for its advantages in dealing with heavy rains and believes that it is worthy of other Chinese cities. The city learns and borrows.

The Hong Kong Drainage Services Department has built 4 drainage tunnels with a total length of more than 20 kilometres. The maximum diameter of the tunnel is more than 7 meters, and the drainage volume per second is more than 220 cubic meters. The Hong Kong Island West Rainwater Drainage Tunnel, once selected as one of the “Ten Outstanding Engineering Projects in Hong Kong in the 21st Century”, has a total length of 11 kilometres and as many as 34 water inlets. In addition, the Drainage Services Department has built reservoirs in black spots with serious flooding, which can temporarily store part of the rainwater, and then use a pump to drain the stored rainwater after the peak precipitation period has passed. The capacity of the underground flood storage facility in Happy Valley alone is equivalent to 24 standard swimming pools.

Happy Valley Underground Flood Storage Tank (Photo by Drainage Services Department)

Mobilize in Time | Adapt to Changes

The Hong Kong government has held many inter-departmental meetings, including: Observatory, Drainage Services Department, Civil Engineering and Development Department, Tree Office, Home Affairs Department, Fire Department, Marine Department, Highways Department, Police, Social Welfare Department, Buildings Department, Electrical and Mechanical Services Department The Department of Public Health, the Hospital Authority, the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department, and the Transport Department take all possible measures to protect the safety of the public. The government mobilized more than 15,000 manpower on typhoon days. After Typhoon Signal No. 10 was removed and changed to Typhoon Signal No. 8, different departments have started to work on the aftermath and recovery.

Reliable Power Supply | Reliability Exceeds 99.999%

According to data, the power supply reliability of China Light and Power (CLP) is more than 99.999% of the world-class level, that is, CLP customers experience an average of about 1.5 minutes of unexpected power outages each year, which is much lower than the 17 to 28 minutes in New York, Sydney and London. .

CLP has always maintained an open attitude and believes in TQM, introducing LEAN, 6 Sigma, TRIZ, etc. to improve hardware and facilities. In June last year (2017), TQM, at the invitation of CLP Power, conducted a comprehensive management system audit for all CLP power plants. Dr. Tang Weiguo, the chief consultant of TQM, said that the reason why Hong Kong can calmly respond to various emergencies and severe weather, and that it can also supply power under Typhoon No. 8, lies in CLP’s sound management and emergency response plan. Dr. Tang said that in the design of the transmission and distribution network, CLP has considered stability issues. The transmission and distribution network adopts a ring configuration to provide customers with dual power supplies. Even if one power supply fails, the other power supply can maintain service.

Does a Good Job in Comprehensive Urban Management | Harmonious Coexistence with Nature

Since its establishment, TQM has been providing management consulting and training services to various government departments in Hong Kong and China Light & Power. TQM will continue to spare no effort to assist various departments in the management of world-class cities. The power of nature is very powerful, and good city management is also very powerful. To understand the power of nature, prevent natural disasters that occur once in ten, once in 50 years, and once in a hundred years, do a good job in comprehensive urban management, and be in harmony with nature. coexist.

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