Tour to Exhibition Centre Station – View in Proximity to World War II Bomb

The Exhibition Centre Station commenced service on 15 May, as a part of the new cross-habour extension of the east rail line, connecting commuters from parts of the New Territories to Hong Kong Island.

This event was organized by the Hong Kong China Institute of Engineers (HKCIE) and supported by TQM Consultants Co. Ltd (TQM) and Hong Kong Society for Quality (HKSQ). It was successfully held on 17th June, even under the pandemic, the participants were still very enthusiastic. Thank you for the great responsiveness.

The MTR Corporation representatives took a leading role during the visit and introduced the various historic elements embedded in this new railway station. The Exhibition Centre station adopts the MTR stations’ classic mosaic style and its leading colour tone of turquoise green mixed with grey symbolizes the seawater of Victoria Harbour. Various elements have been integrated into the station’s design, including works by local artists displayed at the station concourse and platforms, and exhibition panels detailing the East Rail Line’s history of over 100 years.

The station has featured the casing of a WWII bomb, which was discovered during the construction of the station. After careful assessment by the Police and multidiscipline professionals, it is now safely presented in front of everyone.

MTR also take heed of technological advancements and robotic innovation, providing passengers with a smart experience at the stations! Multiple smart features are adopted in the new station, including a Train Car Loading Indicator and Waiting Time Indicator.
It enables the passengers to anticipate the loading capacity of each train car and the estimated waiting time for designated interchange platforms.

The passenger toilets have also been upgraded. The information display at the entrance provides clear indications of real-time toilet vacancy and the air quality in the toilets. Cubicles inside the smart toilets are also equipped with occupancy indicators to specify the availability, providing a better user experience.

The visit really provided valuable insights and broadened the participants’ horizons in the engineering world. Thanks again for the arrangement and the warm hospitality from MTR!

Group photo of participants with World War II bomb casing
Exquisite souvenir from MTR after the visit

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