TID: Appreciated Dr. TONG Efforts In SME Mentorship Program

To enhance the competitiveness of Hong Kong SMEs, the Trade and Industry Department (TID) invited Hong Kong Society for Quality (HKSQ) to participate in the SME Mentorship program. The program provided various activities such as seminars, workshops and visits. This gives a chance to mentors and mentees for experience sharing and business networking purposes.

HKSQ appointed Ir. Dr Aaron TONG is the mentor of the SME Mentorship Program. With the strong consultancy experience, Dr TONG listened to mentees’ views and problems in running their business, share his professional views and gave them advice.

To recognise Dr TONG’s contribution to this SME Mentorship program, the Trade and Industry Department issued a certificate of appreciation to appreciate Dr TONG’s efforts that providing constructive advice to the mentees.

Ir. Dr. Aaron TONG and Simon C.C CHAN, Senior Manager of Trade and Industry Department

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