Asset Management System for Hong Kong’s Water Supply

Hong Kong’s Water Supplies Department (“WSD”) is tasked with the formidable endeavour of managing and maintaining the city’s most extensive infrastructure of surface and underground assets to provide a reliable, quality supply of potable and sea water to the almost 7.5 million residents and various sectors of Hong Kong.  

Since 2019, TQM has assisted WSD to obtain ISO 55001 Asset Management System (“AMS”) with the first phase certification completed for most of its surface assets completed within the same year with “Zero Non-Conformance”. Building on this success, WSD has once again extended the certification to cover remaining surface and underground assets this year, achieving “Zero Non-Conformance” for its vast network of impounding reservoirs, fresh/ salt water service reservoirs, water treatment works, pumping stations, and access roads. This highlights WSD’s commitment to maintaining high standards across its entire asset range and complying with ISO 55001. 

The continuous attainment of AMS certification with “Zero Non-Conformance” demonstrates WSD’s dedication to effective asset management, mitigating risk, identifying issues and allocating resources most effectively to ensure reliable and sustainable infrastructure. The ongoing partnership between WSD and TQM played a pivotal role in achieving these milestones in an efficient manner, emphasizing their shared commitment to the highest asset management standards and optimizing WSD’s operational framework to ensure a consistent and resilient water supply for residents and industry. 

TQM successfully assisted the Water Supplies Department (WSD) in: 

  • Establishing the largest ISO 55001 asset management system in Hong Kong, covering all of the surface and underground assets of WSD, including impounding reservoirs, water treatment works, pumping stations, fresh/ salt water service reservoirs, access roads etc. 
  • Formulating the maintenance plan of the optimal facility to ensure the stability of the water supply, through the measurement and data analysis of the equipment status 
  • Obtaining the ISO 55001 certificate with “Zero Non-Conformance” 

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