The First Independent Innovation Lecture Hall of the Shenzhen Government-“Subtraction Quality Assurance”

In the first independent innovation lecture hall in 2019, the Shenzhen Strong City Promotion Association invited TQM managing director Dr Aaron TONG, an engineer, to teach its innovative quality concept-subtractive quality assurance. Famous companies such as China Resources, Han’s Laser, Daya Bay Nuclear Power, ZTE, AVIC Property and other companies all sent staff to participate, and there were no empty seats at the scene.

Ms Zhang Wen, Vice President and Secretary-General of Shenzhen Strong City Promotion Association, delivered a speech on the spot. She said: “As the first independent innovation lecture hall this year, the selection of experts and topics is so much more. We must bring you some “dry goods”. That’s why I invited Dr. Tang, an expert from Hong Kong.” In addition, Mr. Li Wenhao, President of the Chinese Society of Engineers in Hong Kong, and Mr. Yang Weiguo from the Beijing-Hong Kong Academic Exchange Center, were present to listen in person.

Later, Dr. Tang shared his own “Subtractive Quality Assurance”, and used a case to explain how this concept can be applied to actual work, and it has brought about a huge quality improvement. Lead everyone out of the quality ecstasy and solve quality problems from another angle. After the meeting, many participants were reluctant to leave for a long time and asked Dr TONG how to use “Subtractive Quality Assurance” to solve the quality problems of their own enterprises.

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