The Father of World Quality Science-Deming and the Essence of Quality Management

The lecture was just held last Sunday. High-level officials from MTR Corporation Limited, Greater China Aviation Consulting Co., Ltd., and Hong Kong Science Park attended the event enthusiastically.

In 1987, Dr Aaron TONG flew to Washington, the capital of the United States, to attend lectures given by Dr Deming, who was 87 years old. Last Sunday, Dr TONG shared his experience of Dr Deming’s new quality thinking theory for many years and showed them another little-known identity of this master: the far-reaching father of modern management.

At that time, Dr Deming completely subverted the top-down management concept of the entire American management circle. As a follower of Dr Deming’s thoughts, Dr TONG and the participants discussed the similarities and differences between Japanese and Western management thoughts, the advantages and disadvantages, the importance of empowerment in contemporary management, and other topics, and how to interpret Dr Deming’s 14 Point management theory and put forward analytical opinions on its application in modern management.

Another great contribution of Dr Deming in management: The positive relationship between quality and productivity has revolutionized the traditional concept of quality cost. Dr TONG further clarified the principle behind it: abandon relying on 100% inspection and solve the problem from the root. During the meeting, Mr Charles HO, who is responsible for global training of the MTR Corporation, was very interested in how to ensure quality. If there is no 100% inspection, how to ensure 100% quality?

Mr Warren CHIM, Managing Director of Greater China Aviation Consulting Co., Ltd. shared his experience in aircraft maintenance management: how to use Segregation of Duties and Traceability to achieve zero accident rates without the need for full-time inspectors!

Finally, Dr TONG also shared how he used Dr Deming’s thinking last week to make an excellent factory in India miraculously achieve zero defective products in one week.

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