The Dilemma of Quality: Safe v.s. Change and Innovation

Invited by the China Business School (ICB) of the Hong Kong University of Professional and Continuing Education (HKU SPACE), the Managing Director of Quality Management Consulting Co., Ltd. and a guest lecturer of HKU SPACE-ICB-Dr. Aaron TONG, an engineer, served as the “Product Innovation and Creative Management Course Open Day” keynote speaker. On July 12 and 13, 2014 in Beijing and Shanghai, respectively, with the theme of “Quality Dilemma: Safe vs. Change and Innovation”, I shared with people from all walks of life in mainland China how to successfully use TRIZ in various industries.

Dr TONG is a promoter of scientific management and process innovation management, as well as an expert in lean management and business process improvement. At the meeting, Dr Tang explained the problems facing companies today: high-quality output requires a stable system, but in the medium and long-term time dimension, the market will be greedy for the new and forget the old and weed out the laggards of reform and innovation. In response to this problem, Dr TONG cited a number of examples to ask questions: Why the traditional trial and error method has been hindering most of the staff engaged in innovative attempts?

Subsequently, Dr TONG started with the systematic innovation method and thinking-TRIZ theory and led the participants to learn how various industries and large companies in the world successfully use TRIZ to achieve a win-win situation of innovation and quality. Dr TONG’s wonderful speech not only gave participants a deeper understanding of TRIZ but also made them full of confidence in achieving a win-win situation of innovation and quality in the future.

Dr. Tang Xing shared TRIZ theory and successful examples

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