The Central Gov Streamlined Admin, Delegated Powers, but Shenzhen Only Streamlined but Not Reduced :(

In recent years, Premier Li Keqiang’s “simplification of administration and delegation of powers” and “reduction of certificates to facilitate the people” have “maximum effort” to solve the dilemma that Chinese people are “not applying for certificates, or on the way to apply for certificates”. Coupled with the “Internet +” boosting the comprehensive information platform of public services, everything seems to make people see the dawn of hope.

However, is this really the case? Please see the following complaints:

Our corporate legal person is a Hong Kong resident, and the certificate used for business registration that year was the legal person’s Hong Kong ID card. Recently, I learned that the IRS requires that the legal person’s real-name authentication must be completed before June 30, and that the legal person must change its original Hong Kong ID card information to the information on the Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents (ie “Home Return Permit”). Make an appointment online on the 14th. Unexpectedly, the earliest appointment can only be made until July 13, “perfectly” missed the deadline.

On July 13, according to the appointment, the legal person and I arrived at the office early with all the company information. When I arrived at the service hall, I didn’t see the crowded scenes of the past, and I felt a burst of joy, thinking that the “spring” of the Chinese has really come.

During the waiting period, I was cautious to confirm the required information with the help desk staff again. However, the staff at the information desk told me that when it was my turn, the staff at the counter would tell me. Well, soon it will be our turn. When I arrived at the counter to submit the information, the counter kicked me back to the information desk: because I needed to get a form at the information desk. Muttering in my heart, when I was at the information desk, I kicked me to the counter, and when I came to the counter, I kicked me back to the information desk to get the form. I will endure! Just when the certificate was reviewed and I thought everything went smoothly, the counter told us, “The information is registered, let’s get the certificate in 3 working days”! Suddenly I petrified…

Back in the day, I first arrived in Shenzhen to do this kind of business. Although I queued up early and the scene was huge, I could finish it in half a day after all. Today, I am in Shenzhen. With the help of Internet+, it has become Internet+30 days+3 days for evidence collection! “0.5 days + 3 days” becomes “30 days + 3 days” to complete! What about “let the masses run errands less”, “invisible certification”, and “do it immediately, do it online, do it nearby, do it all at once”?

Hong Kong, separated by a river, started the “Service Pledge” campaign by government departments as early as 1997. With the assistance and supervision of the “Efficiency Promotion Team” and the “Audit Department”, government departments have continued to improve, and civil servants have even identified themselves as “Social Servants”, insisting on the purpose of “serving citizens” and worked hard to improve service efficiency. TQM has also made great efforts to this end. In the past 20 years, it has established and implemented different systems for various Hong Kong government departments to escort the improvement of its service efficiency. In addition, TQM also promotes the use of lean processes to simplify the processes in the Hong Kong government’s management system, delete unnecessary links, and effectively improve the efficiency of the Hong Kong government in serving the public.

Shenzhen Municipal Government, how far are you from the “public servant”, can we know?

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