Tailored OHS Manual for China Merchants

Established in 1997, China Merchants is one of the most professional and trustworthy real estate developers in China, and a pioneer in China’s national industry and commerce. It has diversified comprehensive businesses, including road, shipping, logistics, and finance. It has the world’s first super large oil tanker and mineral sand vessels, and one of the three major state-owned shipbuilding and repair groups. It’s also a world leader in port investment. In addition to establishing a relatively complete port network group in hub ports on the coast of China, it also invests in overseas countries and has the right to manage their terminals. With its strong strength, China Merchants has a wide range of influences in the industrial and commercial circles inside and outside of China.

As an international enterprise, China Merchants plays a significant role in corporate social responsibility. In order to enhance its image and meet international standards as an international model, it invited TQM’s Ir. Dr Aaron TONG to review and analyse key businesses. Apart from expertise to improve the field of process safety, China Merchants requested Dr TONG to ensure that its internal personnel, contractors, operators, property management companies to strictly follow the requirements of occupational safety. In response, Dr TONG tailored a complete, comprehensive and standardized set of Occupational Health and Safety handbooks of international standards, which could take care of the rules and regulations of different countries and regions, to the convenient use of all departments and staffs.

Dr TONG’s professional and effective management methods to optimize operating process was greatly appreciated and adored by China Merchants. His work has helped reduce the Occupational Safety and Hygiene risks for their operations, improve the rapport between enterprise to its employees and other stakeholders, as well as enhance and establish the core for their Corporate Social Responsibility, bringing them better goodwill and international credibility.

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