Strong Quality Shenzhen City: Gather the Wisdom to Improve City Quality

In order to implement the spirit of the “City Quality Improvement Year” proposed by the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, gather the wisdom of all parties to further build the “Shenzhen Standard”, deepen the “Shenzhen Quality”, and build a “Quality Strong City”. Shenzhen enhances corporate competition Strength Strategy Advisory Committee (Development Research Center of Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government) and Shenzhen Quality City Promotion Association are scheduled to jointly hold the theme of “Gather the wisdom of all parties to promote urban quality at 3 pm on March 16, 2017, at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. “Upgrade” “2017 Shenzhen City Quality City Promotion Conference”. Shenzhen Quality Construction Support Mayor Quality Award winners and more than 300 presidents of key enterprises in strong quality cities, more than 100 key industry associations, heads of technical institutions, representatives of the city’s chief quality officers, social organizations and technical institutions in developed countries or regions, Guest representatives from various fields, etc., nearly 800 people attended the meeting.

In order to make the event grand, Shenzhen Quality City Promotion Association specially invited representative institutions and experts from Hong Kong and Macau to attend the event. Dr Aaron TONG is the main person in charge and quality expert of the Hong Kong Quality Organization, and Liang Jiancheng, Director General of the Macau Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Brought in Representatives from Macau to attend and supported this event.

Dr Aaron TONG  is a pioneer in the quality industry in China and Hong Kong. In 1991, he took the lead in introducing ISO 9001 quality management system experience into Shenzhen.

At the ceremony, Zhou Changhu, the former vice-chairman of the Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Ma Weihua, the chairman of the Shenzhen Quality City Promotion Association, and other leaders awarded 9 companies the 4th “Shenzhen Quality City Gold Medal”.

Wang Qingsong, deputy director of the Quality Department of the Shenzhen Municipal Market and Quality Supervision Commission, interpreted the “13th Five-Year Plan for Shenzhen Quality Development” just released; Chen Yan, general manager of Han’s Laser Intelligent Equipment Group, and Feng Nianwen, secretary-general of the City Consumer Committee, respectively He delivered keynote speeches entitled “Quality First, Smart Future”, “Consumption Quality Improvement Year, Jointly Build Quality Consumption Ecosystem”.

At the same time, a free quality training program worth 10 million yuan worth of free quality training of Shenzhen City Quality City Promotion Association with the purpose of “cultivating quality craftsman talents and boosting urban quality” was launched at the conference.

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