Sinopec’s Profit Decreased by 40%, Yip’s Hengchang Counter Increased by 20%

In the 2012 interim results, the chemical industry was full of sorrows. Even if the company’s leader Sinopec’s profit decreased by 40%, Yip’s Hengchang still had a 20% increase in profit under the economic slowdown and industry adversity, which is a wonderful work in the industry.

Yip’s Chemical Group is one of the largest chemical product manufacturers in China. In order to achieve more ideal operating conditions and meet customer requirements, Yip’s hired ITQM to conduct excellent model review consulting services as early as the end of 2009, and made suggestions for improvement in its six factories. . Based on the excellence model, ITQM makes audits and suggestions to the group, and leads the management to adjust from the management strategy to strengthen long-term development and strategic planning.

Mr. Huang Huang, the chief executive officer of Yip’s CEO, praised the ITQM service team. He believed that ITQM’s proposal made the group pay more attention to quality and improve human processes and procedures in order to achieve more ideal operating conditions and meet customer requirements. Mr. Wang Huawen, deputy general manager of “Bauhinia” paint oil under Yip’s Chemical Group, also agreed with ITQM’s recommendations and thanked the review team for their outstanding suggestions.

Detailed video:

ITQM team inspects the “Bauhinia” paint oil plant under Yip’s Chemical Group

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