Shenzhen Tax Bureau: The Hotline is Cold, and the Consultation Front Desk is Boiling

Last Friday afternoon at 5 to try the long dragon at the Futian Taxation Bureau’s information desk

The plainly Shenzhen Tax Bureau has a hotline for consultation, but there are a few large lines at the information desk in the bustling office hall! You ask why, it is the answer of the hotline, always the last sentence: The specific situation is subject to the on-site service hall. you got it! Hotline business is not working!

Today, when the government vigorously advocates the [simplification] of the work process, so that the masses do not run errands, why can’t the process be announced and transparent through the Internet, telephone and other “no-meet” methods.

Tucao returns to Tucao. At the same time, we have also seen the progress of the tax bureau. The biggest highlight is the form receiving office, which uses the “supermarket self-service” method to solve 98% of the queuing table scenes simply and clearly. One more suggestion. With so many forms, we can make an index and paste it next to tell you the specific distribution of the forms. This saves the other 2% of people who said that they did not find the form they wanted.

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