Shenzhen-Hong Kong Cooperation Policy Publicizing by Qianhai Administration Bureau

“Advancing Shenzhen-Hong Kong Cooperation Policy Publicizing Meeting & Qianhai New Year Dinner Party”, hosted by Qianhai Administration Bureau, took place at Hong Kong Renaissance Harbour View Hotel on 16 March. Dr TONG attended this meeting together with Mr. 譚偉豪, former president of HKAAST. Others who were invited and attended were including Mr. 呂銳鋒, a member of the standing committee of Shenzhen Communist Party of the CPC and Shenzhen Executive Vice Mayor, Mr. 陳秉宇, Inspector of the Department of Policy Research of Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council, and other representatives of Hong Kong’s four largest chambers of commerce and related industry associations.

Things have been attached much attention recently were discussed in this meeting, such as the Qianhai experimentation policy, Shenzhen-Hong Kong teenager Dreamworks, integrated service pilot in modern society and investment in Shenzhen-Hong Kong cross-border bus service, which delivered much important and comprehensive information for Hong Kong-based enterprises as well as civilians.

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