Process Improvement/ LEAN 6σ

TQM has expertise and experience in LEAN 6-sigma, Process Improvement, Supply Chain Management Improvement consultancy and training. We are capable of using LEAN and 6-sigma Tools to improve all business processes: from materials to production, and from top management to frontline operation. We help enterprises to overcome difficulties and enable them to excel in their business fields.

Act-N-Achieve © LEAN Total Solution

In the early 2000s, we consolidated our experience. We have worked closely with our US LEAN experts and associates in various LEAN and 6-sigma projects for the HKSAR Government Divisions, Fortune 500, listed companies, multinational corporations, etc. From such hands-on experience, TQM has developed the Act-N-Achieve© LEAN model.


Goal Setting with Management


Sustainable Mindset Transformation


Customized Practical Training


Selected/ Pilot Project Coaching


Management Target Achievement


Improvement Culture Cultivation

By integrating lean manufacturing, companies can eliminate more waste, save more money, and effectively execute their manufacturing strategies. TQM helps to provide the expertise and tools you need to accelerate your progress and transform your business.​Lean Six Sigma integrates traditional lean methodologies with a robust set of digital capabilities to transform your manufacturing operations. We focus on the areas of greatest value—for example, using overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) to identify high-potential opportunities. We selectively deploy lean tools, applying the right ones based on current strategy, the value at stake and the front line’s ability to adopt them.








1st Tier Solid State Lighting Manufacturer

T(Time)- Production Cycle: 14days ↘ 2 days
Q(Quality)- Burn-in Scrap: 3% ↘ 0.4%
M(Money)- Recovered ¥1.5 Million from WIP