Process Improvement/ LEAN 6σ

TQM offers training and consulting services in LEAN 6-sigma, process improvement, and supply chain management improvement. All corporate processes, from purchasing to production, and from top management to frontline staff, can be improved utilizing LEAN and 6-sigma tools. We support businesses in overcoming obstacles so they can succeed in their respective industries.

Act-N-Achieve © LEAN Total Solution

We consolidated our experience in the early 2000s. In numerous LEAN and 6-sigma projects for the HKSAR Government Divisions, Fortune 500, listed firms, international enterprises, etc., we have collaborated closely with our US LEAN specialists and allies.

The Act-N-Achieve © LEAN Total Solution was established by TQM using this practical experience.


Goal Setting with Management


Sustainable Mindset Transformation


Customized Practical Training


Selected/ Pilot Project Coaching


Management Target Achievement


Improvement Culture Cultivation

Businesses may efficiently implement their manufacturing strategy while reducing waste and increasing savings by embracing lean manufacturing. You may accelerate your success and transform your business with the help of TQM by getting the knowledge and resources you need.

Lean Six Sigma transforms your manufacturing operations by fusing established lean approaches with a broad range of digital capabilities. We concentrate on the areas with the most value, such as identifying high-potential prospects by using overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). We judiciously implement lean tools, selecting the best ones depending on the present strategy, the importance of the issue, and the front line’s capacity to do so.








1st Tier Solid State Lighting Manufacturer

T(Time)- Production Cycle: 14days ↘ 2 days
Q(Quality)- Burn-in Scrap: 3% ↘ 0.4%
M(Money)- Recovered ¥1.5 Million from WIP