Property & Asset Management

TQM assists in identifying and spotting existing or potential failures of critical equipment, thereby avoiding unexpected downtimes, high costs caused by lost production, deferments and high repairing expenses. This increases the profitability of your company and boosts further development.

The Asset Management System is primarily focused on reducing & optimizing asset life cycle cost through all the stages, while Maintenance is an integral part of Asset Management for ensuring that the asset keeps on performing its intended functions in a reliable & efficient manner. However, should not limit the Maintenance function only to one life cycle stage as it has important linkages with other stages as well.

As an expert in Asset Management, we look into the entire lifecycle of the asset, from acquisition, commissioning, operation, maintenance to disposal, to ensure no disruption of business operation due to decreasing asset performance or even worse, asset failure, which could be lethal for business. We manage assets as large as a reservoir, down to water pipes, HVAC, computer system, even your computer.

We follow through the whole lifecycle of your asset to manage the risk of failure whilst maintaining a high level of service and allocating resources and priorities for the various kinds of work required according to risk analysis, to enable reliable and adequate service provision.







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For Large-scale Physical Asset Management, we also provide predictive asset management software, . With its help, our clients can rectify problems promptly and use our strong and reliable database to predict the time until the next malfunctioning of critical equipment. This allows your company to manage financial spending and budgeting in advance. By being able to track important details of each asset of your company in real-time, we help to decrease your administrative time, leading to higher asset utility visualization and improvement in service. 

By utilizing our software together with a real-time database, we can help to secure your assets and provide greater visibility, reporting and insights, which helps increase your efficiency.

ISO 55001 Asset Management System for

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