5S/6S Consultancy Service

TQM has hands-on experience in state-of-the-art applications of 5S/6S to achieve impressive and sustainable improvements. We also focus on nurturing, developing and sustaining 5S/6S culture across all organization levels.


5S/6S Gap Analysis & Management Improvement Implementation Coaching

TQM locates the gap between the current and the ideal level of 5S/6S operation performance in an organization.TQM assists further by providing the organization with 5S/6S Management Improvement Implementation coaching.

5S/6S Showcase in a Small Area to Nurture a “Can-do” Culture

​TQM runs a 5S/6S Pilot Program to facilitate and motivate the selected members of the organization to diagnose the root causes of the gaps and identify feasible solutions. A model for the 5S/6S “Can-do” culture to nurture can be disseminated to all colleagues through sharing sessions.

Structuralize 5S/6S Management System and Develop the 5S/6S Culture

In order to ensure continuous success in 5S/6S Improvement, TQM helps to establish a 5S/6S Management System.

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