Real-Design and TQM – Professional and High Quality, Only for the Excellent You

With the signing of this cooperation agreement, TQM will combine its international lean management advantages of high-quality enterprises at home and abroad with the advantages of our company-Guangdong Real-Design Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Real-Design”) 20 years of development experience. Provide high-quality and efficient service support for Real-Design in quality improvement, manufacturing upgrade, new product research and development, shortening delivery time, and improving efficiency.

On May 28, Real-Design signed a cooperation agreement with TQM. This is Real-Design’s requirements for creating high-quality manufacturing in accordance with the country’s requirements, combined with its own industry characteristics, proactively attacking, and another change in quality and efficiency!

TQM mainly provides targeted and sustainable corporate improvement solutions for companies in the global and China-Hong Kong region. The companies it has served cover the United States, France, Germany, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan and other regions. It has successfully provided services to Supor, Siemens, Philips, NXP, Kenwood, Foxconn, SONY, Wal-Mart and other companies have provided high-quality services, making the core areas of the company successfully breakthrough in the process of transformation and transformation.

Real-Design has won the title of Supor’s Quality Supplier for ten consecutive years. In the new round of corporate transformation and development, we hope to win more customer trust with more professional quality and superior service and to transform and upgrade the country’s manufacturing industry. Work hard and keep exploring.

The above content is transferred from Real-Design WeChat.

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