Quality Experts Gathered in the Capital to Talk about Chinese Quality Management Formulas

The 4th Global Chinese Quality Summit was held at the Beijing International Convention Center on the 29th. It was the theme of the summit “Total Quality Management in the Context of Chinese Culture”, aiming to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the introduction of Total Quality Management (TQM) into China, Comprehensively sort out the practical experience of TQM in helping the construction of Chinese quality culture, discuss how to innovate and develop Chinese quality, and cultivate quality management benchmarking experience with outstanding Chinese cultural characteristics.

More than 100 representatives of Chinese quality experts and scholars from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Mainland China, Singapore and other places as well as quality management benchmarking enterprises talked freely about the “Chinese formula” of total quality management under the background of Chinese culture.

TQM Director Dr Aaron TONG, the winner of the 2017 China Outstanding Quality Man, was invited to attend the keynote speech. Dr TONG’s “Subtractive Quality Assurance” emphasized the improvement of quality issues without increasing or even reducing costs. The on-site response was very enthusiastic.

There are also 14 academic and practical papers at the conference, discussing industry improvement topics such as carrier rockets, ships, aerospace, tourism, and management improvement topics such as rehabilitation medical institution certification, extenics innovation, and Lenovo quality performance. It shows the thinking and practice of integrating the structure of Westernized companies with traditional Chinese culture and exploring the path of Chinese companies from excellence to excellence.

The summit has ended successfully, thank you for your support!

Dr TONG will continue to promote “Subtractive Quality Assurance” to inspire various industries and organizations to improve their quality management levels, help the construction of a modern economic system, and promote high-quality development.

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