-QA model – a route to escape Penny Bay!

With the severe outbreak of Omicron in Hong Kong, people have been stuck in Penny Bay despite testing negative in consecutive swabs. Since Hong Kong is currently in an emergency, it is almost impossible to allocate more resources. When dealing with people who are desperate to leave the Penny Bay Quarantine Centre, the –QA model is a mightily effective method to solve the current stalemate.

A –QA model is a method to optimize results with less resources. In other words, it can eliminate unnecessary waste of resources and achieve far better results.

There have been reports that people are blocked from leaving due to a lack of documents that certify them to be free from quarantine, and that there are only five doctors within Penny Bay working to allow thousands to leave.

Let’s go back to the core issue. What is the key factor to leave Penny Bay? Is it the doctors’ certification, or simply, two consecutive negative test results?

More than two years on from the start of the pandemic, we have witnessed multiple variations of the disease, including the latest Omicron. Infections can be asymptomatic, and not even doctors are capable to judge whether someone is infected. In this case, two valid COVID negative reports should probably be the most scientific way to proof virus-free.

If we make good use of the –QA model, the doctors’ work can be minimized to tasks such as verifying test reports, and the patients’ HKID, sign the certification, and let them go!

At this rate, 3,600 patients can be released daily from Penny Bay with just one doctor at work!

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