Omicron Onslaught! Utilising –QA© methodology → vaccination efficiency➚!

Hong Kong is reeling under a crushing wave of Omicron infection, with over 10 thousand of confirmed cases every single day. People are rushing to get vaccinated for better protection against the virus, thus overwhelming all Community Vaccination Centres.

Recently, one of our colleagues tried to make a booking for the 1st dose through the government vaccination booking system, found the first 2 weeks fully booked, and had to wait for at least 14 days to get his 1st dose. How could we boost the vaccination rate when there are no sufficient vaccination capacity and slots for the jab?

It’s been frustrating how slowly Hong Kong people are getting vaccinated. Under the recent terrifying outbreak of the virus, vaccinating everyone in Hong Kong within the shortest time possible is of top priority to the government. Just by employing our –QA© methodology, the vaccination capacity can be multiplied with the existing resources.

Comparing the 2 vaccine choices currently available, the shelf life of Sinovac is about 12 months while the shelf life of BioNTech is only 1 month under the same storage condition (2-8°C). Moreover, to avoid potential myocarditis, thigh injection is highly recommended for teenagers choosing BioNTech, but this requires a longer preparation and processing time.

In this connection, in order to maximise the vaccination rate and protect the Hong Kong people against the virus within the shortest time, Sinovac would be the most appropriate for its simpler vaccination process, which can in turn be significantly sped up with the help of our -QA© methodology.

Still remember the way we have suggested for improving the COVID test handling capacity by 200-300%? With our -QA© methodology, we identify the core function/ duty of each individual and eliminate all the non-value added / unnecessary workload. In the vaccination process, the healthcare professional responsible for the injection is the key. By assigning the coordination and preparation work to an assistant/ helper, all that’s left for the professional would be the injection itself, which takes less than 10 sec. As a result, 100 vaccinations could be completed in less than 20 min!

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