Lean Management Training See Homework Immediately, Practice after Class, and Efficiency Rises by 28%

TQM cooperates with the SEEM Department of the City University of Hong Kong to set up “Four Day Lean Management Classroom Training”, which will intensively teach you how to practice lean management methods at work to reduce costs, eliminate waste, and improve productivity and efficiency. Many corporate executives have said that they have benefited a lot after class and can immediately apply lean tools and methods to the company’s processes to achieve double-digit efficiency improvements.

Successful case sharing: Anex Electric

Mr Rong Chuying, the deputy general manager, immediately applied what he learned after enrolling in a class in May 2012, and selected a production line to implement lean improvements, and the results were immediate:

The number of production line is from 30 people↓to 18 people Registration form

Production efficiency is greatly ↑ 28% Course overview

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