Leading CLP Power to Visit Top Domestic Companies: Chen Hsong Group and Leading Industries

Since its establishment in Hong Kong in 1901, China Light and Power (CLP) has grown from a local company to a leading investor and operator in the power industry in the Asia-Pacific region. In order to help outstanding colleagues to jump out of the box and learn the advantages of other companies, TQM is invited every year to assist in organizing groups to visit different outstanding companies and communicate with each other.

This year, TQM’s Dr Aaron TONG led CLP to visit two successful companies in Shenzhen on June 1, 2012: Chen Hsong Group and Leading Industries.

Chen Hsong Group was established in 1958. For more than ten years, the level of research and development technology has been leading its peers. In line with a continuous search for progress and excellence, it has won many different awards at home and abroad. The group continues to implement quality management measures such as lean production and solidarity circles to improve employees’ sense of responsibility for quality. Chen Hsong Group’s brands sell well all over the world and were selected by Forbes as one of the 200 best-listed companies in Asia in 2005.

Linkz Industries, founded in 1981, is currently a leading company in solid-state lighting in Guangdong Province, and its products are sold all over the world. After more than 20 years of development, it has transformed into a multinational company by using different quality management tools to improve production efficiency.

Dr TONG and the CLP delegation in Chen Hsong (above) and leading industries (below)

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