Keep Improving: Towards the Rejuvenation of Chinese Quality

The first “Global Chinese Quality Summit” was held on July 8th at the City University of Hong Kong. The moderator of the exchange session: Dr Aaron TONG, on behalf of the summit, I would like to thank representatives of Chinese quality associations from all over the country for their warm response.

In this unprecedented quality feast, the top representatives of the China Quality Association, Taiwan, Singapore, Macau, Shenzhen and Hong Kong gathered together to exchange and share the most cutting-edge quality concepts and insights.

Duan Yihong, Deputy Secretary-General of the China Quality Association, made a speech first. She spoke highly of the selfless sharing of their own experiences by speakers from all over the world. She believes that through this summit, the valuable quality experience of Chinese people from all over the world can be better shared.

The representative of the Chinese (Taipei) Quality Society shared how the Chinese entrepreneurial quality culture of “integrity as the core value” under the influence of deep-rooted Confucianism can be used in modern multinational business activities.

The Chairman of Singapore Quality Association Liang Weixian introduced how to use the quality management of Confucianism to create a business kingdom between Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia, where the Chinese are in it.

Dr Gu Liangzhi, President of the Macau Quality Management Association, strongly agrees with the establishment of the Global Chinese Quality Alliance and hopes that the alliance can spread to other regions as soon as possible, especially the Chinese quality associations in the countries around the Belt and Road.

President Li Rong of the Shenzhen Quality Association introduced Shenzhen’s quality history and believed that Shenzhen can make great contributions when China actively participates in the formulation of international quality standards in the future.

Finally, Feng Guang, Chairman of the Hong Kong Institute of Quality, summarized in authentic Cantonese Mandarin: In the future, even with different social systems such as socialism and capitalism, the quality management of Chinese people everywhere will be the most basic to meet the needs of market customers.

This summit aims to build a quality communication platform for Chinese people all over the world, build a quality management system and operational practices with Chinese characteristics, so as to make good things and make better things better (Making Better Thing Better) and promote the good management traditions of Chinese people. , So that the excellent management methods of the Chinese are more integrated into the tide of world quality.

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