Joint Technology & Application Seminar “Touch Life”

The Chamber of Hong Kong Computer Industry (CHKCI) and the Electronics and Telecommunications Training Board (ECTB) of the Vocational Training Council (VTC) had jointly organized a technology and application Seminar on ”Touch Life” during the Hong Kong Computer & Communications Festival 2012. It aimed to provide chances for the in-services personnel to share their experience and ideas. As the vice-chairman of ECTB and the Convener of the seminar, Ir. Dr Aaron TONG, the Managing Director of TQM, gave a welcoming speech and explained the latest technology development in the digital world.

Remarkable guests were also invited to give a presentation, including Mr Ken NG, the Merchandise Director of Fortress, and Mr Ryan CHAN, the Product Marketing Manager of Microsoft Hong Kong Limited to discuss the problems of digitization and other technology. The attendants were actively involved and interested to ask different questions. The Joint Technology and Application Seminar on “Touch Life” had successfully drawn the attention of the industry and updated the in-services personnel on the latest developments of the electronics industry on 4G technology, smart mobile devices, strong computing power, multimedia, touch technology and etc.

Ir. Dr Aaron TONG Wai-Kwok (Left fourth) and the members of the seminar organizing committee

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