ISO 9001 for Chu Kong Shipping Enterprises

Chu Kong Shipping is a Hong Kong listed company controlled by Chu Kong Shipping Enterprises (Holding) Co. Ltd. It is a 5A-level comprehensive service logistics enterprise in the core shipping business. Chu Kong Shipping operates and manages the world’s largest high-speed passenger fleet and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau waterway passenger network, and is one of the largest inland port terminals and logistics operators in the Pearl River Delta. It can be seen that Chu Kong Shipping has been actively exploring both domestic and overseas markets.

In order to meet the requirements of customers and the international market, Chu Kong Shipping has been improving the business and product quality provided by the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau cross-border high-speed passenger and port logistics market. As a result, Chu Kong Shipping sought TQM’s Ir. Dr Aaron Tong to review its working environment and management system.

With Dr Tong’s rich experience and excellent leadership skills, Chu Kong Shipping has obtained an international quality management system and a more cost-effective optimized management system, which has successfully improved the company’s business and quality, bringing the company a key step towards its success. As early as 2001, TQM has successfully assisted the whole group to obtain ISO 9001 certificate. Suggestions on the operation environment plan, working environment suggestion, and the implementation of the correct quality management steps make the company continue to improve and have more confidence to face the fierce competition in the market, so as to continue to develop its business.

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