Insufficient Security Measures at Luohu Port Increase Fire Alarm Crisis

The Luohu port is the land border port with the largest passenger flow in mainland China and Hong Kong, with an average of 400,000 people entering and leaving each day, and a record of more than 500,000 people during the peak holiday season.

TQM consultants recently discovered loopholes in the security installations at the Luohu port. The ground has a yellow boundary line. The places where it says “No items should be stacked within 0.5 meters under the fire shutter” are placed with railings and trash bins to block the flow of people. The function of the fireproof rolling shutter is to fall in time when there is a fire alarm to prevent the fire from delaying. If the roller shutter fails to fall completely due to obstruction, the consequences will be daunting.

In order to properly manage fire safety measures and strengthen employees’ awareness of fire prevention, TQM has assisted various government departments in Hong Kong, such as the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, Drainage Services Department, etc., to establish a comprehensive occupational health and safety management system (OHSAS18001:2007), which regularly tests and Supervise its fire protection equipment to ensure compliance with the Hong Kong Defense Ordinance and protect the safety of the public.

TQM will send a letter to Luohu Control Point and Luohu Port (China Customs) about this discovery, urging the authorities to improve as soon as possible and take precautions.

Railings and dustbins that block the flow of people are stacked within the yellow line.

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