Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Association Teamed Up to Create a Star of Tomorrow

The Hong Kong Association for Advancement of Science and Technology organized a special training called “Technology New Seed 100 Project”, the purpose is to deepen young people’s understanding of technology and science, and cultivate a new generation of talents. The Hong Kong Association for Science and Technology and the University of Hong Kong provided a seminar on “Management Science & Scientific Management” on November 10 this year. Dr. Tang Weiguo, the former president of the Hong Kong Association for Science and Technology, and the University of Hong Kong Industrial and Manufacturing Dr. Liu Yingji, Dean of the Department of Systems Engineering, and Dr. Song Miao, Assistant Professor of the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering of the University of Hong Kong, teach the latest technology and scientific knowledge to new students from Form 4 to 5.

The lectures explained the relationship between science and management in different areas, so as to bring out the importance of good management to the development of technology and science, and stimulate and enhance students’ interest in innovative technology. The Xinmiao students who participated that day responded enthusiastically during the group discussion and report session. All students appeared to be engaged, expressing their opinions on the lecture, and also summing up the lecture, which put a perfect end to the event.

Dr. Tang Weiguo explains science and management to students.

Students discuss in groups and report lecture content.

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