Hong Kong International Airport Passed ISO 50001 Certification with Zero Non-Compliance Items

At the beginning of 2017, with the close cooperation of TQM and the Hong Kong International Airport Authority colleagues, a brand-new energy management system was designed, established and implemented for Passenger Terminal One in just 6 months, with zero non-conformance items. The impressive results obtained ISO 50001 certification. Dr Aaron TONG was invited to give a speech at the certification ceremony held by the Hong Kong Airport Authority on March 8, 2017.

Hong Kong International Airport is one of the world’s busiest cargo hubs and passenger airports, providing approximately 1,100 flights every day. As the core of the airport, Passenger Terminal 1 occupies an area of 515,000 square meters. It is one of the largest single buildings in Hong Kong. It is equipped with all the major airport systems, including baggage handling, fixed-site power supply, seawater cooling systems, etc. The development of Hong Kong International Airport in the direction of a smart airport adds various high-tech advanced facilities and equipment, and its electricity bill is as high as HK$140 million per year.

At the ceremony, Mr Guan Jinghui, Executive Director of Engineering and Technology of Hong Kong International Airport, affirmed the efforts of TQM and the management staff to successfully review the energy management mechanism, establish a complete energy measurement plan and continuous monitoring, review and improvement mechanisms, and establish an international standard Framework and formulate energy policies.

Dr Aaron TONG praised the Airport Authority’s team for being very positive, keeping up with the times, and constantly researching ways to save energy-Hong Kong International Airport is one of the few large organizations that use LED lights; at the same time, Hong Kong International Airport also incorporates information provided by the Observatory, Use intelligent control to control the lighting in accordance with the sunshine time.

Mr Li Zhixing, general manager of BSI Hong Kong, also pointed out that unlike airports in other countries, Hong Kong International Airport is one of the few airports that can achieve full ISO certification for its main core buildings. It not only plays a positive role in social-environmental protection concerns but also At the same time, can consolidate its position as an international and regional aviation centre and enhance its international image.

In the future, Hong Kong International Airport will use this certification system as a blueprint to review the operation of other facilities and extend the certification scope to other passenger terminal buildings and restricted areas. TQM will also work with the Airport Authority to obtain other ISO certifications for the airport.

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