Hong Kong BEST Process Improvement Consultant

Largest Entertainment and Charitable Organisation in HK

Substantially increased productivity
Shortened lead time & total processing time

Largest Kitchen Appliance Manufacturer in China

Saved ¥100 Millions/year
Without Compromising Quality

Largest Industrial Manufacturing Company in Europe

Increased SH Factory’s Product Reliability
from 10 years to 30 years

World's Largest provider of electronics manufacturing services

Enabled annual savings of HK$ 50 Millions
Utilising LEAN 6-Sigma tools

Largest Automobile Semiconductor Manufacturer

Implemented Ultimate 6S & Beyond
Achieving Total Satisfaction

1st Tier Solid State Lighting Manufacturer

Recovered ¥1.5 Million from WIP
Production Cycle: 14days ↘ 2 days

Most Comprehensive Electronics Equipment Manufacturer

Achieved the Greatest Award in Quality
The HKMA Quality Award

Fastest Growing Cotton Fabric manufacturer in India

Achieved Defect Free Production
Improved its operational efficiency

Vietnam Factory visited by President Hu Jintao

Increased Production Efficiency by 50%
Optimised key processes with LEAN

Largest Kitchen Appliance Manufacturer in China

Aftersales Return Rate: 3% ↘ 0.9%
Without Additional Cost