Greater Bay Area Excellence Tour: Visiting Global Benchmark Hong Kong Enterprises

Although Hong Kong is a small place, it is Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon! Especially in the public service industry, there are many local companies with world benchmarks.

Last week (July 20), TQM assisted Shenzhen Municipal Association for the Promotion of Quality City to visit Hong Kong and China Gas Co., Ltd. (China Gas) and China Light & Power Co., Ltd. (CLP Power).

Don’t say don’t know, I’m surprised when I say it! Although Hong Kong and Shenzhen are separated by a river, friends in Shenzhen only learned after visiting Hong Kong, and they looked at the low-key Hong Kong companies differently.

The comprehensive performance of China Gas and China Light and Power, etc.: comprehensive indicators such as supply reliability, safety, environmental protection, service quality, charges, and customer satisfaction have long been out of the country and have become the world’s benchmark!

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