Five Days’ Consulting Generated 27% Increase In Productivity Efficiency

Jing-Mei Industrial Ltd (JMI) is one of the world’s leading providers of decorative and innovative plastic products and solutions. Their high-quality products are popular worldwide by international standards.

In Jul 2011, JMI invited TQM Consultants Co. Limited (TQM)to specially design an operating system improvement solution for one of its assembly lines, targeting to improve efficiency by 10%. Being very experienced and with high spirits, TQM consulting team successfully identified a solution and effectively brought JMI a 27% increase in inefficiency in the assembly line within 5 days.

Ms Julie CHEUNG, the Vice President & Chief Operating Officer of JMI, highly appreciated the services of TQM. “I was totally impressed: TQM not only brought dramatic improvements in efficiency; through re-designing and simplification of the work processes, they also reduced much non-value-adding work. Now the work became easier and more comfortable, and resulted in less fatigue.”Other Department Managers of JMI participating in the project were also very satisfied with the remarkable achievement, and they appreciated the system improvement skills and tools they had learnt. 

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