Enhancing China XD Group’s business performance

China XD Group is one of the central enterprises in China. Its power supply network tops the world on its own. Possessing renewable energy, ultra-high voltage dynamo electricity generation technology, ultra-high-voltage electricity transmission, and other distribution equipment. In 1997, in order to implement the mission of the “going out to global strategy” of state-owned enterprises, XD Group was eager to enter the electricity supply enterprises in developed regions/countries for achievements.

Electricity supply is the energy lifeline of the modern world. It was almost impossible to enter these electricity supply companies because each electricity supply company has stable and reliable equipment supply partners. XD Group was only famous in China, but barely known outside the country. Therefore, becoming the supply partner for Hong Kong electricity supply enterprises was certainly a crucial step for them to become a global supplier.

Hong Kong electricity reliability is at a world-class reliability rate, and because of this, electricity enterprises are very cautious. TQM’s Ir. Dr Aaron TONG was invited to represent his partners as auditors to visit and review the working environment of XD Group.

Having been reviewed foreign experts, Dr TONG’s audit surprised the XD Group. They realised that he is more capable to perform his audit in a more targeted manner, and was able to point out optimizations and managing methods, coupled with cultural integration. As a result, XD Group made its biggest effort to invite Dr TONG to be their principal management consultant. Under Dr TONG’s expertise in cost effectiveness and other assistance, XD Group had an unbelievable uprise in performance, and successfully raised the quality and reliability of its warehouses and products, reaching the strict requirements of Hong Kong electricity enterprises and became a formal equipment supply partner. Later, XD Group won various honors, and was even visited by the General Secretary of the Chinese Government. XD Group has thus made a brand name for itself and opened the door to go abroad.

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