Enhanced energy efficiency for Bank of China

Bank of China (“BOC”) is the earliest established in China, the biggest Chinese bank in Hong Kong, and one of the largest and strongest Chinese investment banks overseas. Its professional property management execution unit, Sun Chung Property Management Co Ltd (“Sun Chung”) tailor-makes property management services for all units of BOC and its customers.

Sun Chung invited TQM’s Ir. Dr Aaron TONG to provide maintenance services for its system while managing and establishing energy management systems. Dr TONG provides energy and environmental reviews for several buildings of BOC International, which includes the BOC Tower, BOC Centre and BOC Wan Chai Commercial Centre. After inspection, Dr TONG analysed the energy consumptions and pointed out crucial areas of potential rooms of improvement and optimization. The scope of improvement includes saving its electricity consumption by 8%/year for the air-conditioning system, saving its electricity consumption by about 40,000 kwh/year for the lighting system and saving its electricity consumption by 30%/year for the elevator motor system.

Thanks to TQM’s energy and environmental management expertise, BOC International implemented the likes of integrated fluorescent lamps, space occupancy/motion sensors, and T5/T8 fluorescent lamps. As a result, they have seen a sustainable enhancement in energy efficiency, and a reduction in costs for its constructions.

TQM also develops energy goals, management, training, measurement and monitoring plans to ensure the effective implementation and continuous improvement of the energy management system. TQM successfully assisted BOC International to win the Sustainability Award, three of which were rated as “Models”, the highest ranking in the banking industry! In addition to the internal management of the company, BOC International has also further improved its customer handling and continued to provide better services to BOC International customers. Various improvement policies have enhanced the status and reputation of BOC International, and has maintained a reliable long-term partnership with TQM.

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