Engineering to meet the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

TQM Consultants Co. Ltd, Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE), Hong Kong Institute of Education for Sustainable Development (HiESD) of UNESCO Hong Kong Association, Hong Kong Society for Quality and Hong Kong Chinese Institute Of Engineers co-organized a seminar on “How Engineering Professionals Promote the 17 SDGs” last Friday, 7 January 2022. It was an incredible success!

Our Director Prof. Ir Dr Aaron TONG and Prof. Ir. Dr Gryphon SOU, the associate VP of UNESCO HK, shared lots of insights on sustainable development and how engineering supports sustainability in terms of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially in clean water and sanitation for all (Goal 6), availability of sustainable energy sources (Goal 7), creating strong and resilient infrastructure (Goal 9) and liveable cities (Goal 11). We do believe that Engineers will need to play an important role in making them happen and together we create a better world!

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Prof. Ir Dr Aaron TONG (Left) and Prof. Ir Dr Gryphon SOU (Right) shared the latest progress of the 17 SDGs.

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