Drainage Services Department: Environmental Protection Pioneer-Innovative Sludge Treatment

The Drainage Services Department provides Hong Kong with world-class sewage and rainwater treatment and discharge services. It continues to explore and pursue innovative technologies to improve services in an economical and environmentally friendly manner.

Since 2000, TQM has been assisting the Drainage Services Department to establish a sound management system. It obtained ISO9001 quality management system certificate in 2000, ISO 14001 environmental management system certificate in 2007, and OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety management system in 2012. certificate.

Recently, the Drainage Services Department has taken another step to form a joint venture of nearly HK$24.6 million with the Innovation and Technology Fund. It will start a two-year large-scale test at the Sha Tin Sewage Treatment Plant from April 2013. The test was developed by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. The “SANI Process” is used to treat urban sewage, and it is expected to treat an average of 1,000 cubic meters of sewage per day.

The new technology will help optimize the sewage treatment process and quality. After the test is successful, the Drainage Services Department will consider applying the technology to different sewage treatment plants. The Drainage Services Department’s spirit of continuous innovation and change provides Hong Kong with high-quality drainage services and promotes the sustainable development of Hong Kong.

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