Dr Aaron TONG: Acting as a Consultant for the Hong Kong Computer and Communication Festival

The Hong Kong Computer Chamber of Commerce has been established for more than ten years. It is one of the largest computer organizations in Hong Kong. In the past, it has successfully held the largest IT exhibition in Hong Kong-Hong Kong Computer Communication Festival; an Outdoor exhibition with strong regional characteristics-Hong Kong Computer Festival etc.

“Hong Kong Computer and Communications Festival 2012” “Preparation is imminent” In order to increase the representativeness of the entire information technology and communications industry exhibition, the Hong Kong Computer Chamber of Commerce specially invited leaders from all walks of life to serve as the consultant team for this exhibition; as in the past, the members of the advisory group gathered elites from all walks of life “Including industry, professional and political circles, etc.”

Among them, the Hong Kong Computer Chamber of Commerce invites Dr Aaron TONG, Managing Director and Chief Advisor of Quality Management Consultants Limited (TQM), as a consultant, and hopes that Dr TONG will provide professional advice to make the entire Hong Kong Computer Communications Festival 2012 more perfect; at the same time, it also helps promote the industry Business opportunities, revitalize the economy!

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