CPD1052/2022 Thrive to Success through KPI/OKR Setting

October 26, 2022
9:30am - 5:00pm
TQM Training Centre, 11/F Lockhart Centre, 301 307 Lockhart Road, Hong Kong
HK$1,600 (HK$1,300 for HKIE Members)


  • Develop a full set of individual KPIs for a department/ section
  • Acquire basic know-how of the methodologies to better achieve the KPI targets and meet with company’s ultimate goals and targets collectively


  • Identify the key factors that affect the performance of various departments/ functions/ grades
  • Benchmark other companies’ KPIs in order to come up with suitable ones
  • Share, discuss and resolve possible practical problems of achieving good performance in terms of high scores in the KPI, and in measuring KPI
  • Decide on a systematic approach to manage and achieve the KPI