CPD0513/2024 Sustainable Development Planning and ESG Workshop

May 28, 2024
1:30pm - 5:00pm
TQM Training Centre, 11/F Lockhart Centre, 301 307 Lockhart Road, Hong Kong
HK$1,500 (HK$1,200 for HKIE Members)


  • Create awareness and broad understanding of 17 Sustainable Development Goals, including UNESCO goals, key facts and information, and recommendations on how to take action.
  • Learn about the latest sustainability news from around the world, including how innovation can help participants achieve their goals, and interact with global citizens around the world
  • Understand the relationship between environment, society, and governance for sustainable development and the interdependence between technology, environment, and people
  • Apply the Sustainable Development Planning tools and solve innovative problems at the basic level in engineering, service, and management.
  • Aware of how to utilize Sustainable Development Planning to trigger innovative solutions and create an innovative culture in the organizations


  • Positioning Sustainable Development Planning
  • Economic, Social, and Governance for Sustainable Development Planning
  • How to write a quality Sustainable Development Planning report