China Outstanding Quality Person Award Ceremony Held in Beijing

The 2017 National Quality Award Individual Award Presentation Ceremony was held in Beijing

The award ceremony of the 2017 “China Outstanding Quality Person (National Quality Award Individual Award)” was held in Beijing on the 12th. Only 8 people were on the list in the selection of “Outstanding Quality People in China”. Dr. Tong Wai Kwok Aaron, the founder and principal consultant of TQM, was awarded the 2017 China Outstanding Quality Person Award by the China Association for Quality. He is the only Hong Kong winner to receive this highest honor so far.

Gu Xiulian, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Tenth National People’s Congress, Jia Fuxing, Chairman of China Association for Quality, Chen Bangzhu, Honorary Chairman of China Association for Quality, Lu Yansun, Former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Machinery Industry, Sun Bo, General Manager of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, and All-China Federation of Trade Unions Labor More than 200 leaders and business representatives attended the award ceremony including Wang Junzhi, Minister of Economic Work Department, Fang Changan, Deputy Director of the Party Construction Bureau of the Chamber of Commerce of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, and Tong Shuhui, Deputy Director of the Naval Equipment Department Test Supervision Bureau.

The “China Outstanding Quality People” selection activity was jointly initiated by the China Quality Association and the All-China Federation of Trade Unions in 2005, and was included in the National Quality Award series in 2010. As the personal award of the National Quality Award, its recommendation and selection purpose is to promote the successful experience and best practices of the winners and their companies in implementing the excellent performance model through the selection and selection of outstanding quality people across the country. Practitioners in various industries provide models and benchmarks.

List of “Outstanding Quality People in China” in 2017

Tong Wai Kwok Aaron Managing Director and Principal Consultant of Quality Management Consulting Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong)

Chen Lijun General Manager of Beijing Sanyuan Food Co., Ltd.

Dai Songgao Assistant General Manager of Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd., Chinese General Manager of Beijing Foton Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.

Li Yuqi, Deputy Chief Engineer and Head of Quality Management Department, Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Group Co., Ltd.

Liu Yongkang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Jiaotong Group

Wang Lianfeng, Senior Project Director and General Manager, China Construction First Bureau Group Construction Development Co., Ltd.

Wang Zhizhong Chairman of Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

Xu Shu Director and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the No. 724 Factory of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army

Many media were invited to attend the award ceremony. Some media asked about the difference between subtractive quality assurance and lean production advocated by Dr. Tong. Dr. Tong pointed out that “Subtractive Quality Assurance” emphasizes improving quality issues without increasing costs or even reducing costs. Dr. Tong used the concept of “Subtractive Quality Assurance” to reduce the after-sales defect rate by 70% for SUPOR. Moreover, during the process, the production department did not increase the manpower, the QC department did not increase the inspection, and the overall number of repair posts and defective products was reduced.

Dr. Tong Wai Kwok Aaron is the first Chinese disciple personally taught by Dr. William Edwards Deming, the father of world quality science, and has been committed to promoting quality development since then. Dr. Tong practiced what he learned, introduced the advanced American quality management system to Hong Kong, implemented the world’s most popular Deming quality management on the CPI field, and obtained the first ISO 9001 certification in Asia in 1992. He became the first person to implement ISO 9001 certification in the same year. Examples are introduced to domestic people. In view of the amazing achievements of CPI, in 1992, two Governor’s Industry Awards (now known as Hong Kong Industry Awards) were obtained at the same time: the Quality Award and the Productivity Award, which proved that productivity and quality can go hand in hand. In 1994, Dr. Tong founded TQM to break the monopoly of the Hong Kong market by British consultants and provide high-quality consulting services to Hong Kong government departments and other enterprises. Over the years, Dr. Tong firmly believes that there is no absolute relationship between improving quality and increasing processes and costs. Dr. Tong has managed more than 4,000 projects, put forward and applied the concept of “subtractive quality assurance”, and achieved outstanding results in all projects.

Over the years, Dr. Tong has been advancing advanced quality management. In 1994, he founded Quality Management Consulting Co., Ltd. (TQM). So far, he has successfully completed more than 4,000 total quality management, process improvement, lean, six sigma, Various consulting and training projects such as benchmarking and performance management. TQM is a pioneer in the ISO management system and is highly recognized by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government, universities and non-governmental organizations. In the management system projects of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government and related organizations, it has a steady 70% market share. It also provides various consulting services for universities and non-governmental organizations in Hong Kong.

These experiences have enabled Dr. Tong to develop the concept of “Subtractive Quality Assurance” and promote and use “Subtractive Quality Assurance” and successful experience in different industries in Hong Kong and the Mainland. Dr. Tong actively promotes the concept of “Subtractive Quality Assurance” in various government departments in Hong Kong. As we all know, government agency documents are characterized by multiple, complex, and complicated documents. While ensuring effective operations, Dr. Tong used the concept of “subtractive quality assurance” to optimize the process, reducing the content of system documents by about 50%, and truly achieving excellence. Within 30 months, Dr. Tong successfully used “Subtractive Quality Assurance” to assist Supor, China’s largest cookware R&D manufacturer, to achieve breakthrough quality improvements. Supor did not increase inspection/testing manpower, and reduced off-line defective products and repair jobs. Under the premise, the after-sales repair rate of all products is reduced from 3% to 0.9%. In 2016, Dr. Tong and his team successfully used “Subtractive Quality Assurance” to assist Guangdong Ruide Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. to provide assistance in quality improvement, manufacturing upgrades, new product development, shortening delivery time, and improving efficiency. Successfully reduced the customer’s downline defect rate from 2,000ppm to 200ppm, and reduced the customer’s downline defect rate by 90% within 6 months.

Dr. Tong will continue to promote “Subtractive Quality Assurance” to inspire various industries and organizations to improve their quality management levels, help the construction of a modern economic system, and promote high-quality development.

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