China Mobile, You Do Not Represent the Quality of Shenzhen!

Last week, I went to China Mobile to go through the transfer procedures. As soon as I entered the lobby, I heard someone calling, and I didn’t call a number for half an hour. With a sense of professionalism, I immediately looked at about 8-9 on-site staff members and 9-10 business personnel. Why is it so slow? I immediately took a number (9:44 minutes), and after waiting for 24 minutes, it was finally our turn after the “yelling” of the customers in front, but what happened next was really heartbreaking:
Clerk: What kind of business do you do?
Me: Transfer
Clerk: Show your credentials (Does it feel like a police law enforcement? Not a little polite)
In operation…
Me: Should I give you the bank card of the new owner?
Clerk: Why do you want a bank card?
Me: If you don’t give the card, you will still deduct the money from the owner of the old machine?
Clerk: Can you clarify the business you want to do?
Me: I have said the transfer of the ownership, do we have to deduct the money from the owner of the old machine after the transfer? ? Are you familiar with business?
Clerk: You have to explain your business clearly at one time

The phone number transfer is such a simple matter, China Mobile’s equipment can actually crash 3 times.

The final processing time is: 10:55 (plus waiting time: 71 minutes).In these 71 minutes, this small business hall has seen several scenes of tension between China Mobile and its customers.

I can’t help but think of Hong Kong across the river. In fact, there are many complicated service plans for telecommunications companies in Hong Kong. From queuing in the store, staff explaining service plans, to comparing prices, choosing mobile phones, and finally filling in and signing forms, it was a long, long time ago. It takes 1 hour to complete. TQM has provided a solution for telecom customers in Hong Kong to increase service efficiency by 75%. The solution uses LEAN’s Quick Changeover (Quick Changeover) concept. It is recommended that telecommunications business customers use posters on the wall, mobile phone applications, etc. so that customers can choose the service plan they want while queuing, and save the original online service. Explain and consider the time to move offline. And simplified the original filling and signing process, shortening the original one-hour process to 15 minutes to complete, thereby greatly improving service efficiency.

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