Water Supplies Department (WSD) – AMS

The largest asset facility management system in HK Maintain most of the surface water facilities in HK

The Water Supplies Department (WSD) is one of the most important departments of the Hong Kong SAR Government, providing Hong Kong citizens with reliable and adequate sanitary drinking water and sea water.

Since 2019, WSD has implemented the ISO 55001 asset management system in phases to strengthen the management of facilities. WSD invited TQM to provide AMS consulting services, and the two parties established a long-term and stable business partnership.

TQM successfully assisted the Water Supplies Department (WSD)

  • Established the largest ISO 55001 asset management system in Hong Kong, covering most of the surface assets of WSD, including impounding reservoirs, water treatment works, pumping stations, fresh/salt water service reservoirs, etc.
  • Through the measurement and data analysis of the equipment status, the maintenance plan of the optimal facility was formulated to ensure the stability of the water supply
  • Obtained the certificate with “Zero Non-Conformance”
The scope of asset management includes the reservoirs around Hong Kong

Tackle The Challenges: New AMS mitigates risks due to COVID-19

Among these challenges, several have drawn particular attention because they might increase the potential risk of asset failure. These include the postponement of scheduled independent inspections by overseas reservoir safety specialists for impounding and service reservoirs, reduced manning levels to ensure staff keep socially distanced and maintenance or inspection work delays.

With the new ISO 55001 compliant AMS, WSD is able to mitigate and minimise the impact of COVID-19. The AMS helps identify potential risks and prioritise the necessary work to optimise resource allocation through managing asset risks. Despite all the challenges, WSD has responded decisively to maintain reliable water supply services and deploy necessary resources to achieve most of the asset management objectives on time. Also, to rationalise the postponement of independent inspections by overseas specialists due to COVID-19, WSD promptly mobilised an in-house Reservoir Safety Team to conduct an additional risk assessment for reservoirs. Additionally, for some service reservoirs, WSD has arranged specialists to conduct remote inspections through visual images and videos.

The new AMS has raised WSD’s asset management capability to the next level and has helped instil an asset management culture among its staff. WSD will continue to make every effort to enhance its asset management performance. The valuable lessons gained from the ISO certification process form a strong foundation for extending the ongoing AMS endeavour to cover the remaining waterworks assets, which include more than 8,300 km of underground water mains and some 350,000 valves and hydrants.