Weego Corporation Limited

Improving Productivity and Enhancing Morality

Weego Corporation Limited (Weego) has 20 years of professional experience in gifts manufacturing. To facilitate continuous improvement and communication effectiveness, Weego invited TQM to deliver a range of consultancy services.

Project Scope

  • Shorten the lead time and reduce the WIP inventory
  • Establish SMED concept in injection department
  • Improve the painting process and staff’s motivation function
  • Review, analyze and establish the NPD working process, the organization of the R&D department and the core competition capacity
  • Develop a Weego Culture of Mutual Trust, Cooperation, Win-win, etc.
  • Raise the individuals’ awareness to express themselves and to listen to others, to achieve high communication effectiveness


  • Made the management and staff more disciplined, positive, energetic and open to new ideas and perspectives
  • The improved communication efficiency enhanced work harmony
  • Decreased the NPD time per cycle from 100 days to 60 days and improved the quality control level
  • Reduced mould-changing time by 95.8% in 4 months
  • Improved efficiency by 5% and saved nearly HKD 2 Million per month​
TQM's Director, Ir Dr Aaron TONG (Right) inspected the production floor