Victoria Shanghai Academy (VSA)

Comprehensive Safety & Security Assessment

Victoria Shanghai Academy (VSA) is a renowned international school with decades of success. It provides a high standard bilingual education for Hong Kong children, inspires students to “Value, Strive and Act”, and put Child Safety at the first place.

To fulfil the commitments of delivering safe learning environment to students, and to cope with the legal requirement, VSA invited TQM to conduct a Comprehensive Safety & Security Assessment, and deliver a series training programmes, to enable a 360-Degree safe environment for the Staff, and especially the Students and Stakeholders of VSA at the Campus.

Project Scope

  • Conducted a comprehensive safety & security assessment for its whole campus
  • Critically assessed and benchmarked the current safety & security operations/ practices/ situation against the agreed safety & security standards/ best practices
  • Verified the compliance, effectiveness, efficiency and reliability of the existing security and safety system
  • Recommended countermeasures and improvement actions to mitigate the risks identified
  • Assisted to carry out the improvement recommendations
  • Developed and enhanced the standard operating procedures/ documents/ mechanisms
  • Designed and delivered a series of safety training programmes for the staff and especially the students and stakeholders of VSA alike in the campus.


  • Greatly improved stakeholders’ awareness and performance of campus safety and security
  • Successfully optimised safety measures and enabled a safe environment for all stakeholders of VSA
  • Enabled VSA to fulfil the requirements of CIS
  • Continuously improved and enhanced the practice in safety and security at various angles
  • Successfully implemented Child Safeguarding Policy
TQM's Director, Ir Dr Aaron TONG (Left) delivers training programme to VSA