Sunma Garments Limited

Increase Management Transparency to Raise Operation Efficiency

Sunma Garments Ltd. (SG) is one of the biggest knit-wear manufacturers in Macau. SG invited TQM to conduct restructuring for its headquarter in Macau, 5 factories and 1 sales office in Hong Kong, to achieve a more rational resource allocation and enhance overall operational efficiency.

Project Scope

  • Develop a new corporate strategy plan according to the operation of headquarter, sales department and factory
  • Review and consolidate functions of business units
  • Establish work instructions and eliminate communication barriers
  • Redesign the plant layout for effective use of labour and space
  • Control incoming materials’ quality via supplier management


  • Made management more transparent with the new structure and clear performance targets
  • Raised the effectiveness of staff
  • Lowered operation cost by 15 %
  • Increased output by 25%