S.M.T. Assembly Limited

75% Increase in Customer Satisfaction within 4 months

S.M.T. Assembly Limited (S.M.T.) is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) & Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) of electronic products. S.M.T. currently has the most advanced Japanese SMT production lines, THT plug-in packaging machine, testing assembly line. S.M.T. has formed a PCB assembly processing centre with large scale and their customers are distributed throughout Europe & United States.

Facing the keen competition in the international market, SMT needed to improve its management system, therefore, it consulted TQM.

Project Scope

  • Introduce “Problem Solving Techniques” such as “7 tools of Quality Control”, “Design of Experiment”, etc.
  • Review all kinds of reports, to identify ways to reduce the quantity while improving the quality
  • Diagnose problems, perform root cause analysis, and take follow-up actions
  • Strengthen “Visual Control”
  • Implement Japanese 5S (Structuralize, Systematize, Sanitize, Standardize and Self-discipline) campaign
  • Utilize video camera to perform immediate feedback on the achievements to all involved parties
  • Strictly execute the “approved operator system” for key operations
  • Restructure employee training programme, simplify and conduct comprehensive “on-the-job training”
  • Implement “preventive maintenance system”


  • Streamlined and reengineered the management system of S.M.T.’s factory in China
  • Posted statistical charts which showed the trends on quality, customer satisfaction, etc. in the site of the operation for “Visual Control”
  • Reduced the customer field reject rate by 75% within 4 months
  • Decreased internal QC rejects by over 50%
TQM's Director, Ir Dr Aaron TONG (Left) received appreciation from SMT Assembly