Singapore International School (Hong Kong)

Creating a Safe and Welcoming Environment for All

Singapore International School (Hong Kong) (SISHK) was established in 1991. As a through-trained international school established by the Singapore Government that offers preparatory years, primary secondary and pre-university education to over 1,500 students from 20 nationalities.

SISHK is eager and committed to the safety and security of our students, staff members and the stakeholders. Hence, SISHK invited TQM to conduct a safety and security audit for its campus to further enhance all staff and students’ safety awareness and construct a comprehensive security culture system.

Project Scope

  • Conduct systematic audits customized to suit SISHK operational environment
  • Evaluate the existing safety and security measures, systems and operations
  • Identify the vulnerabilities and potential risks SISHK is exposed to
  • Suggest possible remedial solutions and recommendations to mitigate the risks identified
  • Enhance the practice in safety and security including standard operating procedures, security hardware and system software.


  • Enhanced and strengthened safety awareness of all staff and students
  • Evaluated all safety and security operations and suggested appropriate solutions, thus greatly reduced and eliminated the potential risks refers to campus safety and security
  • Encouraged staff to be more supportive in building a safe and secure campus with aligned safety objectives
  • Enable SISHK to address potential risks, and react proactively to rectify the nonconformities, and enhance their secured and safe learning environment
TQM's Principal Consultant, Ir. Dr. Aaron TONG provided training for SISHK to enhance their safety awareness