Sime Darby Group

Initiate Quality Award to Aim High

Sime Darby Motor Services Co. Ltd. (Sime Darby) is a leading global importer and distributor of motor vehicles and heavy construction equipment. To further improve the service level and quality, they invited TQM to prepare Sime Darby Quality Award. TQM is also invited by 2 subsidiaries of Sime Darby to assist in the participation of the quality award. These two companies are as follows: SimeWinner Nissan Autocrafts Ltd. and Harper Engineering (Macau) Ltd.

Project Scope

  • Assist in the preparation for the Sime Darby Quality Award
  • Review the current situation and develop improvement plans & mgmt report system
  • Advise on data collection and recommend on improvement areas
  • Produce a set of Panorama Achievement Report on Customers, Leadership and Management of Quality, Human Resource, Organizational Results, etc


  • Designed and assisted to implement a scheme to pursue quality excellence
  • SimeWinner Nissan Autocrafts Ltd. increased market share by 20%
  • Enhanced corporate and brand images from various angles
  • Equipped staff with professional presentation skills
  • Built team spirit and enhanced company’s efficiency